How to Fix Mail Connection To The Server Failed on iPhone 5

The built-in iOS Mail application is useful and handy when you have multiple accounts and wish to have them all in one place, however sometimes you might get this iPhone mail error “Cannot connect to server” or “Connection to the server failed.” Is there a way how to solve this problem and continue enjoying your handset or tablet device without issues?

There is a good chance of fixing iPhone mail error no matter how dreadful it might look to you. If the server stops responding to your password / message and shows errors you can follow this guide and get rid of the problems.

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What to Do If Someone Hacked My iPhone?

Has someone hacked my iPhone? This question is asked by different users on Apple’s forums. The first message dates back to June 12, 2013. Now, a year later, there are still people who believe their iPhone is hacked. Is there a fix? Does Apple say anything about this problem?

The first person to write about iPhone hacked signs [applefreak77] mentioned that someone had navigated through his smartphone. The folders were opened and someone else was typing on his virtual keyboard. Nothing helped to stop this as the device didn’t react to Home button short pressing. Only the hard reset option allowed the user to turn off his iPhone 5.

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Why to Check if Find My iPhone On or Off on the Device

Learn how and why you should check whether your iOS smartphone’s Find My iPhone application is enabled and turn off iOS 7 Activation Lock.

Users who like Apple devices can check if Find My iPhone is on or off. The service you can trust is delivered fast. You won’t have to wait for a long time to get the information you need in order to unlock or resell / buy a smartphone.

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iPhone Unlock for iOS 7.1 / 7.1.1 with R-SIM9 Unlocking Card

The iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 iPhone unlock using R-SIM9 is one of the used methods for iPhone unlocking in line with factory IMEI unlock and other tools. This iOS 7.1 unlock SIM method is easy to use and anyone can actually complete his or her iPhone unlock on iOS 7.1 and other 7.x firmware versions using this SIM unlock.

Before you learn how to unlock iOS 7.1 iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 and other models / firmware versions, you need to learn more about R-SIM9. This 7.1.1 / 7.1 iPhone unlock tool is believed to be stable. It doesn’t mess up with the handset. It supports different models, including 5S and 5c, and is safe to use.

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iPhone 6 Features vs. iPhone 5S / 5 Specs

Apple is about to update the line of its smartphones. Current customers can use models up to version 5S but the news and rumors show the next generation iPhone 6 that should get improved features and other specs.

It is always interesting to compare iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 / 5S. These handsets might get similar design but they get different options. Of course, the next iPhone 6 specs are created based on leaked images and reports from different sites. These rumors might not become real or some of them might be real. Let’s see how they are different from the current iPhones.

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How to Choose iPhone Between iPhone 5S, 5c and 6

A lot of users who haven’t bought iPhone 5S and 5c last fall or last Christmas are now wondering what unlocked iPhone to buy. Apple is expected to present the new iPhone 6 in fall or late summer. This smartphone will get new features but it will be most likely priced higher than current iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c.

Should you wait until the next-generation update or get the model now? We will try to help you make your choice based on our advice.

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Flappy Bird iPhone Download to Be Available in the App Store This Summer

Dong Nguyen who deleted his application Flappy Bird from the App Store because it was very popular and highly addictive assures that the app will make a return in August. iPhone and iPad users who missed seeing Flappy Bird in the App Store will be glad to hear this news.

Just like hackers predicted once hearing the news about the game being deleted from the store, the dev who created it made the app even more popular and decided to bring it back. Flappy Bird return is planned for the end of the summer. It should be refreshed, according to Nguyen. The developer wants to bring multiplayer mode to his game and make it “less addictive.”

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iPhone 5 Sleep Wake Button Replacement Initiated by Apple

Some iPhone smartphone users can get the sleep button replacement on iPhone 5 thanks to the new program initiated by Apple. The company is eager to replace the Sleep / Wake button in some handset models saying this button can “work intermittently” or not work at all.

You can find out yourself whether you are eligible for the free iPhone 5 sleep / wake button replacement or not. Visit the support site created by Apple for its consumers and enter your device’s serial number to see if your particular cell phone is affected by the problem or not. The number of affected iPhones 5 is not too big so not all users can replace the button at no cost.


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How to Turn Off iPhone 4 / 5 / 4S with Broken Power Button

Turn Off iPhone With a Broken Power Button [Tricks]

No devices are perfect. Sometimes they break and you start to experience problems till you fix the gadget. iPhone broken power button is something that can bring you headache since it stops working.

If your power button breaks you are not able to easily turn off your display and power off the smartphone. Thus you can’t save the battery life for long as your iPhone doesn’t even sleep when you wish it to.

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